Safe Paw Ice Melt Is 100% Safe For Pets, Children & The Enviroment

I personally love safe paw ice melt. Living in New York and other snowy wintry states lets face it..You need a good ice melt! I was always sceptical of a lot of ice melts on the market. I don’t want anything toxic around my home, pets and my children.  I was so excited when I discovered the Safe Paw Ice Melt.

A couple of things I love about Safe Paw is that  it contains no salt. Did you know that Ice melter’s that contain salt is harmful to your pets, children and the environment?  Well, it is.  Another thing I love about this product is its coloring. Its a green colored pellet which helps you and the consumer distinguish it from rock salt and salt based ice melter’s.  This product is also safe on plants, shrubs, asphalt, concrete, pavers and flooring.

This is also a great product to use if you own a businesses so your customers can avoid slipping and can also watch there step!

“Gaia Enterprises,, Inc, the manufactures of Safe Paw hire approximately 250 adults with disability to produce there product instead of using machinery. In a time where our economy is suffering, they stay focused on providing jobs with benefits to people who generally have a rougher time finding work than others.  Even though machines could save money on the cost of the product,  they stand for something bigger.

Now lets talk about how this product works:

No other ice and snow melter works like Safe Paw. It is totally unique. Safe Paw is a patented dual-effect compound made of a modified crystalline amide core infused with special glycol admixture and traction agents.

This composition gives Safe Paw a two-way timed released action. The liquid component starts melting ice instantly while breaking surface tension. This allows the crystal-core to penetrate and destabilize  ice which speeds up melting. All this while proprietary traction agent provides slip protection.

Safe Paw gives you another advantage. Unlike other products, Safe Paw attracts solar heat to provide extra melting-power during daylight hours.

Once Safe Paw has melted the ice and snow, it leaves an invisible “shield” that prevents ice from sticking to surfaces for up to 3 days. This “Teflon effect” makes shoveling easier.

How to Use Safe Paw:

Safe Paw is highly concentrated. You don’t need to use as much Safe Paw as you would use with salt or other ice melter’s.

Safe Paw retains heat better than other ice melter’s. Store indoors, at room temperature, to ensure maximum performance.

•Spread Safe Paw before winter precipitation. This will create a barrier that prevents ice from bonding to surfaces for about 3 days. If there is accumulation within that period, you won’t have to chip away at underlying ice when shoveling.

•Ice melter’s sometimes need a little assistance on black ice. Scratch or roughen black ice with a shovel before applying Safe Paw. Once the surface tension is broken, Safe Paw will go to work.

Safe Paw is a great traction agent. Keeping a jug in the car can help you get out of a slippery situation. If your car gets stuck in snow or ice, clear the ruts and sprinkle Safe Paw around tires to increase traction.

Safe Paw is very effective so you don’t need to use as much as other products. Applying excessive amounts may lead to the browning of grass or temporarily coloring surfaces. If this occurs, reduce the amount of Safe Paw you are using and follow these steps: ◦If grass browns, water the affected area and hold off on fertilizing. Let nature take its course. The color should return by the end of spring.

◦Surface coloring from overuse is temporary and will fade over time when exposed to water and sunlight. To speed up the fading process use OxyClean or a similar product.

Safe Paw is 100% salt-free and environmentally safe so you can use it in more places than salt-based ice melter’s. Use Safe Paw anywhere you are concerned about ice including roofs, gutters, cars, stairs, decking, and flooring.

If you have not tried Safe Paw yet I guarantee you will love it! Safe Paw may be purchased in a 35 lb Bucket or 8 lb Jug at


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