Introducing the New Dog Gone Smart Crate Pads / Mats

The Dog Gone Smart Crate Pads / Mats:

  • These easy-care fabrics are ideal for the messy puppy and older dogs alike 
  • The Dog Gone Smart Crate Mats have been Designed to fit most standard-sized crates and carriers 
  • These Crate Mats are Great for traveling.  These plush pads can be used as a bed or a protective car seat cushion. Your dog will just flop down wherever he sees his favorite mat and feel right at home
  • 100% soft cotton fabric on one side makes the pads cool in the summer while the reversed sherpa side provides extra warmth in the winter
  • The Dog Gone Smart Crate Pads / Mats come in a variety of diffrent Colors and sizes to fit your dogs needs.

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