How To Care For Your Hamster

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Hamsters are popular pets for many reasons.  They are quiet, almost odorless, and have cute facial expressions.  They are easy to care for in respect to housing and food and come in an extensive range of colors and patterns.  Once hamsters are hand tamed, they become very friendly little pets.  Hamsters are inexpensive to purchase, easy to care for, do not take up  of space, and don’t create any disturbance or make much of a mess.  In addition to all these wonderful qualities they are lovable, cuddly, and endearing.

Hamsters are social creatures that like to play and love to be handled.  You should not put a hamster in a cage and forget about him.  You should always want to make friends and socialize your pets.  This means handling them. Hamsters love to play!  You will notice that your hamster tends to play in the evening or at night time. This is because hamsters are nocturnal creatures.

Purchasing The Right Cage For Your Pet:

Hamster cages vary in size, but it is advisable to get the biggest cage you can afford.  The bigger and roomier the cage, the more room you will have to fit all of the accessories such as food dishes, water bottles, and toys. Hamsters love to play so give them enough room to exercise. 

What Accessories You Need For Your Hamsters Cage:

Food Dish: Ceramic dishes are best. Hamsters like to play and sit in there bowls and they can tend to tip over if the bowl is made up of plastic.

Water Bottle: There are a few types of water bottles. Glass, Clear plastic, colored ones and so on. I preffer the see through ones this way you can see if the bottle is dirty. Always make sure your pet has fresh water at all times. Change its water at least once a day!

Bedding: Carefresh Bedding is always a good choice, If you don’t like the carefresh you can purchase pine, wood shavings or wood chips.  NEVER use cedar chips or shavings in the bedding of any small mammal. Cedar contains phenols which causes upper respiratory problems when inhaled.  Never put towels or clothes in your hamsters cage, they can chew on them and and ingest pieces of cloth. This is dangerous to your pet.  If you want to add extra comfort to your pets cage you can purchase what they call fluff.  You can place it on a corner of the cage where your pet sleeps and they love to cuddle up in it.

Exercise wheel or Playground

Cage:Always make sure your cage is big enough for all your pets accessories such as water bottle, food dish, toys, wheel and for your pet to play and exercise in.  Just imagion how you would want your home to be if you were the one living in there.  You should clean your hamsters cage once a week to keep your pet happy and healthy.  Usually hamsters droppings are small and hard. They usually go to the bathroom in one spot of the cage. They have hamster litter pans as well that I personally think is really cute and does work! The toilet area should be cleaned everyday and new shavings should be applied to this spot.

What To Feed Your Hamster:

Feeding a hamster is quite simple. Use a specially designed kind of hamster food mix a couple of times a day, and feed it with some fruit and vegetable everyday.  Commercially prepared pelleted food contains all the necessary nutrients your hamster needs and should make up the majority of the hamsters diet.
If the hamster hasn’t tried a certain food before, don’t give it a lot to begin with so that the digestive system gets a chance to get used to it.

Recommended Veggies to feed your hamster include carrots, spinach, lettuce, and corn.  Some owners say there hamsters like bananas, grapes and apples. Always be sure to wash fruits and veggetables thouroghly before giving to your pet.

Providing treats for your hamster will ensure that your hamster gets all the nutrients it needs. Alfalfa is good as well.  Most pets like crunchy treats, and the hamster is no exception. Besides being tasty, they help keep his teeth in good condition. Most crunchy treats and snacks also contain ingredients enriched with vitamins and minerals.

Its always good to provide your hamster with gnawing sticks it keeps there teeth trim and healthy. There teeth grow constantly through out there lifetime. 


Hamsters are clean animals and require little or no grooming. You can gently brush your hamster to comb out any loose hairs.

Have Fun With Your Hamster!




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