How To Brush Your Pets Teeth


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Taking care of your pets teeth on a daily basis is very important.  One of the best ways of doing this for your pet is to brush there teeth.  Periodontal disease is a serious condition that affects most dogs and cats by the age of 3. Periodontal disease causes gingivitis, loss of teeth, pain in the mouth, and possibly infections in the internal organs.  By taking care of your pets teeth on a daily basis you may be able to help prevent such things listed above. 

The first step in brushing your pets teeth is getting yourself and your pet comfortable and used to the idea of brushing. The key is to have a scedual so that the brushing becomes a routine for your pet and for yourself.  If you have a large dog it may be easier to brush them on the floor.  With smaller dogs it may be easier to have them elevated on a table or counter top. 

When you start to brush the teeth you don’t want to brush all the teeth initially.  You want to start off light and by just using your index finger.  Start by elevating the lips and by massaging the gums and teeth with your finger.  You want to start off with just a few teeth at first.  Praise and pet them letting them know what a good job they are doing.  Depending on your pets comfort level this may take a few days or even a few weeks before you accomplish your goal of brushing all of there teeth. 

If your pet begins to wiggle or resist brushing, stop and allow your pet to become more relaxed and comfortable again.  Starting back at just touching the teeth, this way you can always make sure you end the session with lots of love and reinforcement. 

Selecting a brush – has all the tools necessary for brushing your pets teeth.  The finger brushes are best used for beginner brushing.  The small brush with the long narrow handle and narrow head works best for small dogs and cats.  The larger brushes are best used for medium and large breed dogs.

Now we are ready to apply the paste to the toothbrush. You can purchase a flavored toothpaste as well. Your pet may appreciate that more finding it more appealing.  Apply a small amount of paste to the brush.  Never use human tooth paste on your pets because its to high in fluoride which can make your pets sick.

When brushing your dogs teeth start out by doing slow circular motion on the teeth. You want to put an emphasis on a downward stroke on the upper teeth and a upward stroke on the lower teeth. Your goal is to brush all 4 quadrants left and right upper and lower teeth for a total of 2 minutes 30 seconds per quadrant per day.

Make sure to always end your sessions on a positive note and praise your pet for the great job they have done! With regular cleanings you can rest assure that you are giving your pet its best chance from preventing oral disease and possibly extending its life span by as much as 2-3 years.  For great dental products and healthy dental treats visit

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