A List Of Bad Dog Food Ingredients


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Make sure your dog food is not laden with preservatives. Some of the ingredients that you don’t want to see on your dog food label are the inferior protein’s which consists of but are not limited to variations of the following:

  1. Wheat
  2. Corn
  3. Chicken by-products
  4. Soy
  5. Gluten

These ingredients are hard to digest and can cause health problems later on if used for a long period of time. Sugar is another ingredient that you want to stay away from.

You are always better off purchasing Holistic dog food and dog treats from www.OnlinePetDepot.com Some really good foods are: Vets Choice Health Extension, Innova, Canidae, California Natural, Wellness, Eagle Pack Holistic Select & Merrick. These foods are all natural, Holistic or Organic and contain NO by products.

You can always be sure that companies such as Purina, the Iams Company (which also includes Eukanuba), Royal Canin, Nutro, Diamond, and Hill’s Science Diet are constantly testing their foods to provide the optimum quality ingredients. These companies offer different grades of food, however, from lower quality to premium quality so make sure that you ALWAYS READ THE LABELS.

These are not the only companies by any means who make good quality dog food. The important thing is to read the label, do your research, ask questions of your veterinarians and pet professionals and always be informed. People who work at feed stores are usually a good resource and can help you find good quality pet food. Breeders can also be a good source for finding a quality food for your dog.

How to Stop Your Puppy From Biting

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It is never a good idea to let a Puppy play with your hands or feet – no matter how cute it seems. This teaches the  Puppy it is ok to bite skin. Even though tiny puppies are playing tug-of-war with your big finger is cute, it is teaching a very bad habit! Never let a puppy do something once that you do not want him to repeat. It is far easier to prevent bad habits from developing that it is to retrain an older puppy or adult dog.

Things You’ll Need:

1.  Dog Leashes

2.  Rope Dog Toys

3.  Vinyl Dog Toys

4.  Fleece Dog Toys

5.  Canvas Dog Toys

6.  Puppy Treats

7.  Frisbees


  • Begin your training early – when your puppy is 6 weeks old, if possible.
  • Teach your puppy that biting hurts you. When he bites, give a sharp “no!” or “ouch!” – or even a yelp like a dog would make. This is the same reaction that your puppy would get from another puppy if he bit too hard during play. It teaches him that he’s been too rough, and the odds are that he’ll be more gentle next time.
  • Remove your hand slowly – don’t jerk it away – and give your puppy a toy that he can chew on without damage.
  • If your puppy ignores your reaction and bites again, repeat your “no!,” “ouch!” or yelp, and leave the room for a few minutes. Let your puppy know that when he bites, he will lose his playmate. This, too, mirrors the reaction he would get from another puppy if he played too roughly.
  • Be persistent in your training. As your puppy’s behavior improves and his bites are softer, continue to yelp or give a sharp “no!” or “ouch!” whenever he puts his teeth on you. Make it clear that all bites are painful and unacceptable to humans.

How To Care For Your Hamster

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Hamsters are popular pets for many reasons.  They are quiet, almost odorless, and have cute facial expressions.  They are easy to care for in respect to housing and food and come in an extensive range of colors and patterns.  Once hamsters are hand tamed, they become very friendly little pets.  Hamsters are inexpensive to purchase, easy to care for, do not take up  of space, and don’t create any disturbance or make much of a mess.  In addition to all these wonderful qualities they are lovable, cuddly, and endearing.

Hamsters are social creatures that like to play and love to be handled.  You should not put a hamster in a cage and forget about him.  You should always want to make friends and socialize your pets.  This means handling them. Hamsters love to play!  You will notice that your hamster tends to play in the evening or at night time. This is because hamsters are nocturnal creatures.

Purchasing The Right Cage For Your Pet:

Hamster cages vary in size, but it is advisable to get the biggest cage you can afford.  The bigger and roomier the cage, the more room you will have to fit all of the accessories such as food dishes, water bottles, and toys. Hamsters love to play so give them enough room to exercise. 

What Accessories You Need For Your Hamsters Cage:

Food Dish: Ceramic dishes are best. Hamsters like to play and sit in there bowls and they can tend to tip over if the bowl is made up of plastic.

Water Bottle: There are a few types of water bottles. Glass, Clear plastic, colored ones and so on. I preffer the see through ones this way you can see if the bottle is dirty. Always make sure your pet has fresh water at all times. Change its water at least once a day!

Bedding: Carefresh Bedding is always a good choice, If you don’t like the carefresh you can purchase pine, wood shavings or wood chips.  NEVER use cedar chips or shavings in the bedding of any small mammal. Cedar contains phenols which causes upper respiratory problems when inhaled.  Never put towels or clothes in your hamsters cage, they can chew on them and and ingest pieces of cloth. This is dangerous to your pet.  If you want to add extra comfort to your pets cage you can purchase what they call fluff.  You can place it on a corner of the cage where your pet sleeps and they love to cuddle up in it.

Exercise wheel or Playground

Cage:Always make sure your cage is big enough for all your pets accessories such as water bottle, food dish, toys, wheel and for your pet to play and exercise in.  Just imagion how you would want your home to be if you were the one living in there.  You should clean your hamsters cage once a week to keep your pet happy and healthy.  Usually hamsters droppings are small and hard. They usually go to the bathroom in one spot of the cage. They have hamster litter pans as well that I personally think is really cute and does work! The toilet area should be cleaned everyday and new shavings should be applied to this spot.

What To Feed Your Hamster:

Feeding a hamster is quite simple. Use a specially designed kind of hamster food mix a couple of times a day, and feed it with some fruit and vegetable everyday.  Commercially prepared pelleted food contains all the necessary nutrients your hamster needs and should make up the majority of the hamsters diet.
If the hamster hasn’t tried a certain food before, don’t give it a lot to begin with so that the digestive system gets a chance to get used to it.

Recommended Veggies to feed your hamster include carrots, spinach, lettuce, and corn.  Some owners say there hamsters like bananas, grapes and apples. Always be sure to wash fruits and veggetables thouroghly before giving to your pet.

Providing treats for your hamster will ensure that your hamster gets all the nutrients it needs. Alfalfa is good as well.  Most pets like crunchy treats, and the hamster is no exception. Besides being tasty, they help keep his teeth in good condition. Most crunchy treats and snacks also contain ingredients enriched with vitamins and minerals.

Its always good to provide your hamster with gnawing sticks it keeps there teeth trim and healthy. There teeth grow constantly through out there lifetime. 


Hamsters are clean animals and require little or no grooming. You can gently brush your hamster to comb out any loose hairs.

Have Fun With Your Hamster!




What Should I Be Feeding My Dog?

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I tend to hear this question a lot from people, What should I be feeding my dog? Am I feeding my dogs crappy foods? There are a lot of crappy foods on the market. You need to be careful and read the ingredients on the back of the bags.  Stay away from low grade foods. This will cause your dog to have many complications in the future.  Also, Veterinarians get paid a lot of money to promote foods that are not so healthy for your pets to begin with.  They are not exactly cheap either.  Also, stay away from supermarket brands as well.

Here Is a List Of Good Healthy Holistic, Organic, Natural Foods That You Should Be Feeding Your Dogs.

1. Vets Choice Health Extension

2. Natura Innova

3. Evo

4. California Natural

5. Evangers

6. Party Animals Organics

7. Canidae

8. Eagle Pack Holistic Select

8. Wellness

9. Merrick

For a good dog food, the first four ingredients on the dog food label should not be grains. Instead they should consist of things like meat and proteins.

You also want to make sure it says chicken meal and not chicken as the primary ingredient. If it says chicken only, this means that the manufacturers are counting the entire chicken toward protein value. This includes all of the pieces they have probably scraped of the ground such as beaks, feathers, and feet. With chicken meal, they are only counting the cooked down version of the protein. This will ensure that your dog is getting the appropriate kind of protein and not by products.

Vitamins and fatty acids are also good ingredients in dog foods. Some examples include Vitamin E, Omega 3 and 6, etc. These are very important for a healthy looking skin and coat.

Make sure your dog food is not laden with preservatives. Some of the ingredients that you don’t want to see on your dog food label are the inferior protein’s which consists of but are not limited to variations of the following: Wheat, Corn, Chicken by-products, Soy, Gluten.

These ingredients are hard to digest and can cause health problems later on if used for a long period of time. Sugar is another ingredient that you want to stay away from.

How To Care For Your New Puppy


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The first weeks of your new puppy’s life with you will be busy and demanding. There may be times when you wonder if getting a puppy was such a good idea. Things will go better if you have patience and keep your sense of humor. Remember that puppy hood only happens once. The extra effort you put into it now will pay off in the future. 

Before bringing your puppy home:  Baby proof your home. Having a puppy in your home is like having a toddler.  Put protectors on your outlets and make sure all chemicals are placed at a high reach.  To a puppy, the world is brand new and fascinating! He’s seeing it all for the very first time and absolutely everything must be thoroughly investigated. What objects could be put up out of the way of a curious puppy? Bitter Apple spray can be applied to furniture legs, woodwork and other immovable items. There may be rooms your puppy should be restricted from entering until he’s better trained and more reliable. Install a baby gate or keep the doors to those rooms closed.

This is very important as well. Check your yard for potential hazards. If you have a fenced yard, check the boundaries and gates for openings that could be potential escape routes. Puppies can get through smaller places than an adult dog. If your yard’s not fenced, It may be a good Idea to do so unless you make sure that your puppy will never be allowed to run off lead without close supervision. Dogs tend to chase things such as squirrels and dont look both ways before attempting to cross the street.  Better to be safe then sorry!

Housebreaking:  Begin as soon as the puppy arrives in your home.  Wee wee pads are always good to put down on the floor.  Young puppies should be taken out immediately upon waking and just before retiring, as well as multiple times during the day. Most puppies cannot “hold it” for long periods so it will be necessary to take the puppy out almost every hour at first.  Take the puppy to the same area each time and praise it immediately and enthusiastically when it eliminates. Do not play with, or talk to, the puppy until after it has eliminated. 

Incase of accidents in your home wich may happen often with a puppy. Try a product called Eliminate. It works great and smells like apples. This is the only product that has worked for me and works 100 times better then natures miracle. This cleaning product is safe and non toxic.

Housing:  Its important that your puppy has a safe place to sleep, most owners choose to have there dogs sleep in a crate over night, which I feel is a good idea.  Many puppies settle down quicker and sleep more soundly when they are snug in there crate.   Once your pup is older, most likley he will not need to use the crate any longer except for maybe travel.

Meals:  Choose a dry food intended specifically for puppies, such as Vets Choice Health Extension, Innova, Canidae, Eagle Pack, Merrick, Fromm, California Natural, Party Animals Organics and so on.  Avoiding generic foods and those that sell for unusually low prices. We suggest brand name puppy food because it is impossible to distinguish good dog food from poor dog food simply by looking at the ingredient list on the label. Many things that owners look for, such as high protein levels and extra vitamins, are as likely to be harmful than helpful. For example, overfeeding and over supplementation are factors contributing to hip dysplasia.  If you have a large-breed puppy, purchase “large breed” puppy food.  The actual formula is different, not just the the kibble size, and is better for very rapidly growing puppies.  

Offer food to young puppies three times a day. If your puppy isn’t hungry that often, reduce the frequency. After ten or twelve weeks of age, feed twice a day.  Even adult dogs should have their food split into morning and evening feedings. When fed once a day dogs become overly hungry and are more likely to overeat at mealtime.
Let your puppy eat as much as she wants in fifteen minutes and then pick up the food dish. Having food continually available encourages overeating, and chubby puppies are more likely to have hip dysplasia and weight problems later in life. Also, because free-fed puppies never get very hungry, they don’t enjoy their food unless given special treats. The combination of special treats and freely available food encourages them to become bored, overweight and picky. Do not feed your puppy people foods!! This will give your dog/puppy digestive problems.

Also, try not to feed your dog cheap treats from large chain stores they are not always good for your dog. Go into your local pet shops and get healthy treats such as Dogswell Happy Hips, Mother Nature treats, Old Mother hubbard, Twistix, and so on. Rawhide is not good for dogs/puppies because it is hard for them to digest.  Natural rawhide is ok such as Merrick treats, for example (Flossies).

Grooming:  Regular brushing, bathing, nail & ear care are essential. Protect your puppy’s eyes and ears when bathing, and don’t allow the puppy to become chilled after bathing. Your veterinarian may recommend that you do not bathe your puppy when it is younger than 10 to 12 weeks unless absolutely necessary.

Toys:  Puppys love toys.  Make sure your puppy always has plenty of chew toys to exercise his mouthing and chewing instincts. Some toys that are great are Nylabone, KongFrisbees and rope toys.

Make sure your puppy is getting plenty of exercise and play time every day. Going for walks, playing fetch and learning tricks are great distractions that may reduce biting.

Try to create a consistent schedule for play time – perhaps 15 to 30 minutes, twice a day. Your puppy will learn to look forward to that time and will be less likely to seek attention at other times.

Spaying/Neutering:  If you don’t plan to breed, spay or neuter your puppy. Letting children see the miracle of birth is NOT a good reason to breed your dog; only serious breeders who have the desire, expertise, and time to breed well should breed at all. Spaying your female dog can help to prevent cancers of the reproductive tract, including breast cancer, and will decrease the incidence of reproductive infections. Neutering your male dog will prevent testicular cancer and can decrease the incidence of prostate problems. The incidence of certain behavioral problems has also been shown to be reduced when dogs are spayed or neutered. The decision to spay or neuter your puppy is one of the best decisions you can make for its well-being.

Have Fun With Your New Puppy!

How To Brush Your Pets Teeth


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Taking care of your pets teeth on a daily basis is very important.  One of the best ways of doing this for your pet is to brush there teeth.  Periodontal disease is a serious condition that affects most dogs and cats by the age of 3. Periodontal disease causes gingivitis, loss of teeth, pain in the mouth, and possibly infections in the internal organs.  By taking care of your pets teeth on a daily basis you may be able to help prevent such things listed above. 

The first step in brushing your pets teeth is getting yourself and your pet comfortable and used to the idea of brushing. The key is to have a scedual so that the brushing becomes a routine for your pet and for yourself.  If you have a large dog it may be easier to brush them on the floor.  With smaller dogs it may be easier to have them elevated on a table or counter top. 

When you start to brush the teeth you don’t want to brush all the teeth initially.  You want to start off light and by just using your index finger.  Start by elevating the lips and by massaging the gums and teeth with your finger.  You want to start off with just a few teeth at first.  Praise and pet them letting them know what a good job they are doing.  Depending on your pets comfort level this may take a few days or even a few weeks before you accomplish your goal of brushing all of there teeth. 

If your pet begins to wiggle or resist brushing, stop and allow your pet to become more relaxed and comfortable again.  Starting back at just touching the teeth, this way you can always make sure you end the session with lots of love and reinforcement. 

Selecting a brush – OnlinePetDepot.com has all the tools necessary for brushing your pets teeth.  The finger brushes are best used for beginner brushing.  The small brush with the long narrow handle and narrow head works best for small dogs and cats.  The larger brushes are best used for medium and large breed dogs.

Now we are ready to apply the paste to the toothbrush. You can purchase a flavored toothpaste as well. Your pet may appreciate that more finding it more appealing.  Apply a small amount of paste to the brush.  Never use human tooth paste on your pets because its to high in fluoride which can make your pets sick.

When brushing your dogs teeth start out by doing slow circular motion on the teeth. You want to put an emphasis on a downward stroke on the upper teeth and a upward stroke on the lower teeth. Your goal is to brush all 4 quadrants left and right upper and lower teeth for a total of 2 minutes 30 seconds per quadrant per day.

Make sure to always end your sessions on a positive note and praise your pet for the great job they have done! With regular cleanings you can rest assure that you are giving your pet its best chance from preventing oral disease and possibly extending its life span by as much as 2-3 years.  For great dental products and healthy dental treats visit www.OnlinePetDepot.com

Tips for your new kitten arrival.

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Kittens are affectionate sociable animals but complicated to care for they can damage carpet and furniture with there claws. Getting a kitten is a big commitment. Kittens should be kept with the mother until it is at least 8 weeks old.  Baby proof your home.  8 week old kittens are like crawling toddlers.  These little guys tend to get into everything.  Put protectors on your outlets and make sure all chemicals are placed at a high reach. 

Step 1- Bringing your kitten home

Put your kitten in a quiet escape proof room making sure the doors and windows are shut, block up any nooks and crannys where your kitten can get stuck.  Your kitten will need time to get used to you and the room.  Children should sit on the floor and wait for the kitten to come to them.

Step 2 – Housing and Bedding

Your kitten will need bedding that is warm and dry, comfortable and away from drafts. Your kitten will also need a freedom water bowl and litter pan wich should be kept away from your kittens food. Provide your kitten with a scratching post to protect your furniture.

Step 3 – Diet

Find out what your kitten has been eating, If you want to switch there food I would suggest something that is holistic/natural or Organic.  Mix the new food with the old food for a few days so the changing of the food does not cause diarea.  

kittens should be fed small portions and often especially formulated kitten food. between 8 and 12 weeks they should be fed 4 times a day. Between 3 and 6 months 3 times a day. After 6 months twice a day.  Don’t give your kittens bones as they may stick in there throat or milk wich may cause diarea.  Make sure to always keep a constant supply of fresh water every day!

Step 4 – Excersize

Its Important for your cat to get excersize, makesure you dont let your kitten go outside until atleast a week after its first course of vaccinations. You should play with your kitten every day and let it sleep when it wants to. Always have toys handy for your kitten.  Kittens love furry mice, things that rattle, crinkle toys, catnip etc..

Step 5 – Litter Training

To encourage your kitten to use the litter pan you may have to lift it in the tray after it finishes eating.  After a couple of times your cat should automatically know where to go to the bathroom.  Cat litter should be emptied and replaced everday.  Use gloves as contact with the fecies can cause serious illness. Clean pan with a detergent that will not be harmful to the kitten. 

Step 6 – Grooming

Groom your kitten regularly to keep its skin and furn in good condition.  This will also help you build a relationship with your pet.  Long haired cats should be groomed everyday. This will avoid your kitten/cats hair to become tangled and matted.

Step 7 – Neutering

Thousands of cats are abandoned every year so it is important to get your cat neutered. Male kittens can be castrate when they are 5 months old.  This will stop them from spraying indoors to mark there territory, roaming and fighting.  Female kittens should be spayed 5-6 months to prevent unwanted litters.

Step 8 – Health

Healthy kittens have bright eyes and clean glossy coats with out bald patches.  The ears should be clean.  An overly rounded stomach can be a sign of worms. It should walk easily and have no signs of diareah around the tail.  Your kitten should beable to breath easily and have no fluid around its nose and mouth.  Brown spects in the fur can be a sign of fleas.  Kittens need vaccinations wich can be expensive but are vital to your pets well being.  They should stay indoors and away from other cats for 10 days after there last injections.  Treating your kitten / cat for fleas is very important. What I to use is frontline.  I have tried many products and this one seems to work the best.

Have fun with your kitten!



Top Reasons Your Dog Should Go Organic

  1. Organic foods are showing up in supermarkets and pet stores alot more lately. After the recent scare with all the pet food recalls people are not sure of what to feed there dogs anymore. What they thought was good for them was also killing there animals. How are we supposed to know what is good for our animals?  Its not like we can ask them what they want. We buy whatever we see on TV or in the papers. (Did you know your vet gets paid to advertise certain foods) we will get into that another time. These big company’s like iams, eukanuba, science diet etc have alot of money to advertise, they will do what ever they can to stay on top of the game and there basically selling you garbage.  Im going to give you 8 reasons to go organic.
  • No Pesticides
  • No Synthetic Fertilizers
  • No Antibiotics
  • No Growth Hormones
  • No Bioengineering (no GMO’s)
  • No By-Products
  • No Artificial Colors Or Flavors
  • No Artificial Preservatives

So Next time you go shopping for you dog take a look at the ingredients on the bag.  Stay away from the things I’ve mentioned above and you should be on your way to a healthy start for you pet. Here are some foods that are healthy that  I recommend: