Care Instructions For Your Dog Gone Smart Crate Pad / Mat


Follow these few simple steps to care for your Dog Gone Smart Crate Pad / Mat:Because Dog Gone Smart crate pads/mats stay clean longer you don’t have to wash them as often as similar products on the market. When you do wash them they come out looking brand new just follow these simple instructions: 

  • Machine wash, gentle cycle, wash with similar colors
  • Use regular detergent
  • NEVER use fabric softener, dryer sheets or bleach as
        these will alter the finish of the fabric
  • Tumble dry at high heat
  •  Ironing is recommended 
  • These Mats are great I purchased a few of them for my dogs and they absolutely love them and they are very easy to care for. I highly recommend these Mats.  The beds are also great!

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