Paragon Pet Treats. What Makes Them So Different From Other Pet Treats?

Paragon Pet Treats are a great healthy dental treat for dogs. They are naturally vegetable & potato-based and containing no chemical additives, they are designed to help clean the teeth and freshen the breath by encouraging dogs to indulge in their natural instinct to chew.

There variety of textures keeps dogs interested in chewing for longer, enabling the many small protrusions on the crocodile and hedgehog shapes to get right in between the teeth to do a thorough cleaning job.

These treats usually take my dog 20-30 minutes to work through them. The Hedgehog and the Alligators are his favorite shapes. They come in 3 different colors but the they taste the same.

What I love about these treats mostly is that they are HEALTHY. They have no CORN, WHEAT, SOY, GLUTENS and 100% digestible. There are also a low calorie treat.

These treats come in many other shapes and sizes. If your looking for a healthy treat. Try these for sure.

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