What Should I Be Feeding My Dog?

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I tend to hear this question a lot from people, What should I be feeding my dog? Am I feeding my dogs crappy foods? There are a lot of crappy foods on the market. You need to be careful and read the ingredients on the back of the bags.  Stay away from low grade foods. This will cause your dog to have many complications in the future.  Also, Veterinarians get paid a lot of money to promote foods that are not so healthy for your pets to begin with.  They are not exactly cheap either.  Also, stay away from supermarket brands as well.

Here Is a List Of Good Healthy Holistic, Organic, Natural Foods That You Should Be Feeding Your Dogs.

1. Vets Choice Health Extension

2. Natura Innova

3. Evo

4. California Natural

5. Evangers

6. Party Animals Organics

7. Canidae

8. Eagle Pack Holistic Select

8. Wellness

9. Merrick

For a good dog food, the first four ingredients on the dog food label should not be grains. Instead they should consist of things like meat and proteins.

You also want to make sure it says chicken meal and not chicken as the primary ingredient. If it says chicken only, this means that the manufacturers are counting the entire chicken toward protein value. This includes all of the pieces they have probably scraped of the ground such as beaks, feathers, and feet. With chicken meal, they are only counting the cooked down version of the protein. This will ensure that your dog is getting the appropriate kind of protein and not by products.

Vitamins and fatty acids are also good ingredients in dog foods. Some examples include Vitamin E, Omega 3 and 6, etc. These are very important for a healthy looking skin and coat.

Make sure your dog food is not laden with preservatives. Some of the ingredients that you don’t want to see on your dog food label are the inferior protein’s which consists of but are not limited to variations of the following: Wheat, Corn, Chicken by-products, Soy, Gluten.

These ingredients are hard to digest and can cause health problems later on if used for a long period of time. Sugar is another ingredient that you want to stay away from.

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