My Cat Wont Use The Litter Box

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Why wont my cat use the litter pan?

  • Cleanliness: When purchasing a litter pan it is important to buy an attractive one and keep it very clean so that the cat is attracted to the pan easily. It the litter pan is left unattended (dirty) the cat will not go to the bathroom in it.


  • Territory Marking :Most of the animals mark their territory of movement.  Incase the litter pan is outside the territory, the cat may not go to the litter pan.


  • Privacy : That cat always prefers privacy at the time of attending its natures call.  Find a place in your home where you can place the litter pan where your cat has privacy.  I keep mine in a walk in closet.


  • Health : If the cat is suffering from health problems it may find it difficult to reach the litter pan.


It is most important to keep the litter clean by removing the clumps from the litter pan. So that cat is attracted to the litter.

Cats prefer litter which have natural odor. Cat may not accept the litter having chemical or other additives smell.  A clumping litter is always good. This helps a cat keep itself clean.

Normally the litter layer should be about 2 to 3 inches thick in the tray. It may vary depending on the type of litter and size of the cat.

Always Remove the litter waste regularly.  Preferably within 30 minutes of the use.

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