What You Can and Can Not Feed Your Guinea Pig.

Guinea pigs love fruits and vegetables about as much as humans love ice cream and candy, which is great because fruits and vegetables are an important part of their diet and keep them happy and healthy!   Different guinea pigs have different preferences, but generally, they love to sample a variety of different fruits and [...]

How And When To Bathe Your Chinchilla

Chinchillas don’t take normal baths with water. They prefer to take dust baths with a fine dust that gets into their coats and absorbs oil and dirt from the fur. As you learn about chinchilla care, you’ll find they actually need regular dust baths to keep their fur healthy and clean. They also seem to [...]

How To Care For Your Hamster

  Hamsters are popular pets for many reasons.  They are quiet, almost odorless, and have cute facial expressions.  They are easy to care for in respect to housing and food and come in an extensive range of colors and patterns.  Once hamsters are hand tamed, they become very friendly little pets.  Hamsters are inexpensive to [...]