Safe Paw Ice Melt Is 100% Safe For Pets, Children & The Enviroment

I personally love safe paw ice melt. Living in New York and other snowy wintry states lets face it..You need a good ice melt! I was always sceptical of a lot of ice melts on the market. I don’t want anything toxic around my home, pets and my children.  I was so excited when I [...]

Finally A Good Puppy Pad That Absorbs Well

There are many different ways to house train puppies. One option for house training your puppy is to teach him to pee on a house training pad. Teaching your puppy to pee on a pad is not that hard but takes a little bit of patience. There are many training pads designed for the purpose. [...]

Is Your Dog or Cat Suffering From Urinary Tract Infections? Solid Gold Berry Balance Can Help!

Berry Balance A natural cranberry and blueberry extract with marshmallow and vitamin C to help support the healthy functioning of the urinary tract. For use in cats and dogs prone to struvite crystals and bladder infections. This product helps to balance urinary tract pH, to dissolve struvite (Magnesium-Ammonium-Phosphate) crystals, which may develop in urine if [...]

Vegitopia Pet Treats.. A Natural and Healthy Treat For Your Dogs!

Want A Great Natural Pet Treat For Your Pets? Try Vegitopia by Loving Pets 100% Natural Fruit and Vegetable Treats for Dogs. Purchase them Online at Comes in Banana, Pineapple, Apple, Sweet Potato & Carrot.

Is My Dog Sick?

Every dog owner will at some point wonder, Is My Dog Sick? Checking a pet’s vital signs and performing a basic exam at home can help dog owners determine if their dog is sick and in need of a vet visit. According to Dr. Michael Levine, DVM, there are several things that should be checked [...]

Is There A Pet Food Where I Can Give My Dog Variety?

Customers ask me this question all the time. Is there a pet food on the market where I can switch flavors from time to time and give my dog some variety that wont bother my dogs belly? I just feel like my dog gets bored with the same flavor.   The answer is YES.   FROMM [...]

What Dog Breeds Do Not Shed?

Small dogs that don’t shed: Basenji Bedlington Terrier Bichon Frise Bolognese Border Terrier Brussels Griffon Cairn Terrier Chinese Crested Coton de Tulear Havanese Lhasa Apso Maltese Miniature Poodle Miniature Schnauzer Shih Tzu Silky Terrier Toy Poodle West Highland White Terrier Xoloitzcuintli Yorkshire Terrier Medium dogs that don’t shed: Cocker Spaniel-Poodle mix Lowchen Kerry Blue Terrier [...]

How To Trim Your Dogs Nails

Your dog’s nails should just touch the ground when she walks. If her nails are clicking on the floor or getting snagged in the carpet, it’s time for a pedicure. Use trimmers designed for pets. Ask your veterinarian or a groomer for advice about what types of nail trimmers are best for your dog and [...]

Care Instructions For Your Dog Gone Smart Crate Pad / Mat

               Follow these few simple steps to care for your Dog Gone Smart Crate Pad / Mat:Because Dog Gone Smart crate pads/mats stay clean longer you don’t have to wash them as often as similar products on the market. When you do wash them they come out looking brand new just follow these simple instructions:  Machine [...]

Dog Training Obedience Clicker, How Does It Work?

What is a clicker?   A clicker is a small device that you can carry easily, attach to a jacket, or keep in a pocket. When you press on it, it makes a distinctive clicking sound. They are sold at pet supply places, quite inexpensively and usually in groups, as it’s handy to have several [...]