Natural Balance Rabbit & Rice and Wild Boar & Rice Dog Food Cans New To The Market!!

I know its been very difficult trying to locate especially rabbit canned dog food over the last couple of months maybe even year though other vendors! But no need to worry now. Natural Balance has it covered. Just released are 2 new exciting flavors for your dog. Rabbit which is excellent for dogs with allergies and also [...]

New Grain Free Holistic Health Extension Dog Food By Vets Choice

Lets Talk About Holistic Health Extensions New Grain Grain Free Dog Food. This is a new grain free line of dog food by vets choice. There Grain Free dog food offers all the health benefits of the Vets Choice Health System but in a grain-free formula. And you won’t find any added hormones – just high quality, [...]

Is There A Pet Food Where I Can Give My Dog Variety?

Customers ask me this question all the time. Is there a pet food on the market where I can switch flavors from time to time and give my dog some variety that wont bother my dogs belly? I just feel like my dog gets bored with the same flavor.   The answer is YES.   FROMM [...]

Vets Choice Dental Bones

  Vets Choice dental bones come in a variety of diffrent sizes and flavors. They are available in peanut butter, carrot, cheese and bacon and liver flavors. My dogs tend to love the peanutbutter and cheese flavored ones the best.  These bones are nutritious for dogs and they are good for teeth and gums. The size of the bones: [...]

Vets Choice Glucosamine Powder Food Supplement

Vets Choice glucosamine powder Is a powdered vitamin and antioxidant formation for dogs and cats. It Contains glucosamine HCL for strong joint and bone development. Why It is important to give your dogs glucosamine?   Healthy cartilage is absolutely essential for proper joint function and overall mobility. Happy, healthy, active dogs need healthy cartilage and [...]

Party Animal Organic Gourmet Dog Food

Do you know which celebrity feeds there dog Party Animal Organic Dog Food?  Answer:  Paris Hilton – She claims this to be the best food for her pets. Party Animal is truly the celebrity pet food of choice. What other brand can claim to have an empty can go for auction on eBay for $1.5 [...]

Be Aware of Canidae Dog Food Ingredient Changes (2008)

Anyone who feeds there dogs canidae should know that Canidae is under the new formulation, Canidae dry foods will no longer be gluten free, due to the addition of barley. If you know that your dog is gluten intolerant, start shopping around for a different food. Even if your dog doesn’t have problems with gluten [...]

California Natural Hypoallergenic Dog Food

If your dog is troubled by rashes, itchy skin or dermatosis, the cause may not be something they touched, but rather something they ate. California Natural is deffinetly a food I would suggest you look into. California Natural does not contain by-products or artificial preservatives that can cause allergic reactions or stomach issues in your [...]

Eagle Pack Holistic Select Is a Great Dog Food

So you want to give your dog a better food, but you aren’t sure what brands you should look for? Eagle Pack holistic select food is another name to keep your eye out for.  It’s natural, contains human grade ingredients and has the highest quality meat meals, grains, fats and oils available.  Eagle Pack was not associated [...]

Vets Choice Health Extension

Vets Choice Health Extensions is made in the USA. Its main #1 ingredient is organic chicken.  Health Extension comes in Little Bites wich is small kibble made for  small teacup, toy and miniature breed puppy and adult dogs.  Health extension original is the bigger size kibble for Med – large dogs. They also have a formula made for over weight, [...]