What You Need To Know To Care For Your Ferret.

Ferrets are friendly and make excellent pets. If you’ve never met one before, the easiest way to think of them is somewhere between cats and dogs in personality, but a lot smaller. Some are cuddly, others more independent; they vary a lot, just like other pets. They are very playful, and they don’t lose much [...]

Vets Choice Glucosamine Powder Food Supplement

Vets Choice glucosamine powder Is a powdered vitamin and antioxidant formation for dogs and cats. It Contains glucosamine HCL for strong joint and bone development. Why It is important to give your dogs glucosamine?   Healthy cartilage is absolutely essential for proper joint function and overall mobility. Happy, healthy, active dogs need healthy cartilage and [...]

Is There Such A Thing As Reverse Sneezing In Dogs? YES

What is reverse sneezing in dogs? A reverse sneeze really isn’t a sneeze at all. While air is exhaled and forced out of the nose and mouth during a normal sneeze, reverse sneezing is forceful inhalation with air being sucked in. When it happens, you’ll hear a kind of deep, snorting sound. The dog appears [...]