Eagle Pack Holistic Select Is a Great Dog Food

So you want to give your dog a better food, but you aren’t sure what brands you should look for? Eagle Pack holistic select food is another name to keep your eye out for.  It’s natural, contains human grade ingredients and has the highest quality meat meals, grains, fats and oils available.  Eagle Pack was not associated [...]

Vets Choice Health Extension Cat Food

Vets choice holistic health extenion cat food finally came out a few months ago.  A friend of mine is feeding this to her cat and the cat seems to really like it.  It doesnt suprise me though, The dog food is really great why wouldnt the cat food be.  This food comes in a 6.6lb [...]

Vets Choice Health Extension

Vets Choice Health Extensions is made in the USA. Its main #1 ingredient is organic chicken.  Health Extension comes in Little Bites wich is small kibble made for  small teacup, toy and miniature breed puppy and adult dogs.  Health extension original is the bigger size kibble for Med – large dogs. They also have a formula made for over weight, [...]