Understanding Kennel Cough and Its Symptoms

Kennel cough is a fairly common and highly contagious respiratory disease in dogs. It is also known as Infectious Tracheobronchitis. It is easily spread when dogs are in close contact with infected dogs, such as; kennels, veterinary hospitals or other boarding situations. Kennel cough may be caused by a variety of disease agents, either singly [...]

The Beet Pulp Myth In Pet Foods

Beet pulp is a very common ingredient in many different pet foods. It has long been recognized as a popular feed additive for horses and other livestock and, more recently, has also been added to many dog and cat foods.  Beet pulp is the material which remains after sugar is extracted from sugar beets—not red [...]

Dogswell Happy Hips, Vitality & Veggie Life. A Healthy 100% All Natural Dog Treats Dogs Love!

I dont think I have found a dog yet that that did not like Dogswell Happy Hips.  My dog is very picky and does not like anything! Once I brought these home, he just cant get enough of them.  I was getting tired of waisting money on treats that he was not eating and having them just [...]